Your Teeth Can Be Aligned by the Dentist in Greeley CO

Having a beautifully aligned smile is now possible without any metal brackets, wires, or adjustments. With invisible braces, patients are able to have their alignment issues treated and the appearance of their smile improved. While children are not good candidates for this method, teenagers and adults can typically receive treatment. This information will allow people to learn more about how invisible braces work so they can make a sound decision for their smile.

Invisible braces are a made from a clear, rigid plastic that slides over the teeth. Each aligner tray is made specifically for the patient and allows the teeth to become straightened over a period of time. Once the aligner is in place over the teeth, it is practically invisible so no one will know a person is having their teeth treated. Because the aligner can be removed during eating and brushing, these braces are much easier to deal with, especially for those who do not want a mouth full of metal.

The aligners are made at the very beginning of treatment and are used in order. Each aligner is worn for two weeks and then they are thrown away. Once the old aligner is thrown away, a new aligner is put in place. This allows continued changes in the alignment of the teeth so they are made straighter. Most people can see results in as soon as a year while others will need treatment for a longer period of time.

When a person consults with the dentist, they can learn more about their options for invisible braces and learn if they are a good candidate. The dentist will plot their treatment and then have the dental lab create the aligners. They will also give the patient information on how long they can expect their treatment to last.

Those who are embarrassed about the alignment of their smile are urged to schedule an appointment with the dentist greeley co. With invisible aligners, you can have your teeth straightened beautifully so you can finally love your smile. Call today so you can schedule your appointment and get started on the process of straightening your teeth.