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Tips for Buying a Stylish Umbrella Stand Having an umbrella stand in your home is a must. Not only are they convenient, but they lend an elegance to your space that few other pieces of decor can accomplish. You need an umbrella stand that has both style and function. That means it should fit in with the decor of your home and not stand out too much. There are not too many more pieces of furniture that can accomplish both of these purposes at the same time. You have a lot of options to choose from when it comes time to pick out your new umbrella stand. A metal umbrella holder is ideal for an industrial space. You might want one if your home or office space matches this description. There are a lot of metal umbrella holders on the market. For example, you can get a copper or brass finish. Metal is very durable and will not get damaged if it falls over. But be careful not to get one that is too lightweight or it will tip easily when playing umbrellas into it. If your home is filled with antique finishes, you might want to find an umbrella stand with extra flourishes. This will allow it to blend in with the rest of your house or room. Since vintage design is extremely popular right now, you can easily find a variety of antique looking umbrella stands at many of the major stores. You might be able to find an actual antique at certain stores, though. Be prepared to pay a hefty sum for the genuine antique ones, though. Since umbrella stands are so useful, they get passed down to family members more often than they get sold to antique stores. But the quest for a truly original vintage piece is half the fun.
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Some people prefer a ceramic umbrella stand to a metal or antique one. These pieces can be either glossy or matte, and come in a lot of different color options. You can go with a bold color or a neutral one. And, ceramic is heavy and will not easily fall over. Since these are so common these days, they are usually quite affordable. Most of the time, you can find several options at your local furniture store.
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When buying an umbrella holder, you should take the size of your room into consideration. The most common diameter is eight inches, which will allow you to store up to five umbrellas. If you are looking for your home, you should not need a bigger one than this. You may want to find a bigger one though, if you are buying an umbrella stand for your business. In that case, ten inches should give you plenty of space. The height of your umbrella stand can vary according to design. Generally, 20 inches should hold most large sized umbrellas.